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Time to prepare for bushfire season
5 February 2009
The 2008/09 bushfire season is well and truly here – and lack of rainfall over winter combined with dry conditions across the country presents a considerable risk.

The danger period for most of southern Australia occurs during summer and autumn, when the temperature is high and conditions are dry. In northern regions, most fires occur during the warm dry winter and spring, when grass is dead and potential fuels have dried.

With the frequency of days with extreme fire danger projected to increase by as much as 25% by 2020, consider this a timely reminder to review just how well your assets are protected and then – the essential backstop – insured.

Taking the risk on yourself by not insuring is a big call that could well end in tears. Non-insurance isn’t a calculated risk – it simply isn’t worth it.

So, talk to us about your fire risks, mitigation measures and so on. Let’s be sure you’ve got all that property covered before the bushfire season really heats up!
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